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​The Only Selling That Works | Selling to Realtors [Part 4]


Welcome to our final segment of Selling to Realtors! Over the past month we have discussed what it takes to sell to real estate professionals and using the report presentation kit as the main focal point. (You can pick one up by clicking here) If you have missed any of the previous segments you can follow the links for Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 here. To wrap up this series we are going to be talking about the importance of following up with realtors.

The final piece to selling to realtors is following up effectively. Once you have been seen in the office it is important to keep that reputation as the go-to home inspector. If you remember back to our previous segment where we talked about when your meeting comes to a close with your primary realtor. Your first follow up question should be are there any other realtors that I could be introduced to right now or to leave a sample in their office with your business card. This allows you to have a reason to come back into the office and to call the potential new realtor if he has received your sample and if he is interested in setting up an additional meeting.

Also, ask if you could leave a copy in the lobby so that the public can compare the different inspectors in the area. If you are given permission, write “Lobby Copy” on the front of the binder so nobody will walk off with it by mistake. However on the inside cover leave plenty of your business cards and brochures for prospective clients to compare your services with other in the area. This is a great marketing tactic for you to have self promotion and a way to boost more referrals.

Always be sure that this binder is well stocked with brochures and business cards; also with your primary realtor who often referred your services. Stop by on a regular basis to replenish the brochures and business cards. This gives you another opportunity to interact with agents in the office and to heighten your status as the go-to home inspector. In this day and age selling to realtors face to face is the nature of better selling, it allows you to make a personal connection with the ones who give you a majority of your business.

For all of our followers who have been reading this series with us we hope you learned some new tactics and the importance of selling to realtors. Use these as guides and adapt them to your marketing strategy and selling tactics to gain more business. Once again if you haven’t already picked up your kit you can click here to purchase yours today. Don’t forget to share all of these posts on LinkedIn and to follow our LinkedIn page for more content posted every day! 

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