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Why We Love Realtors (And You Should, Too!) | Selling to Realtors [Part 1]


Selling to real estate professionals are a great way to attract more referrals to your home inspection business. On average 20% of the realtors you know give you 80% of your business. Creating a lasting relationship with your realtors is the key to gaining more business which is why we love realtors and you should too! Throughout the next few weeks we will be adding onto this topic with a 4 part series of how to overcome selling to realtors, and offering insight how this strategy will multiply your network and boost your referrals.

When it comes to growing your business making new personal connections has become a necessity in order to expand your network. This series will help you feel comfortable with face-to-face networking and selling to realtors, so the next time you walk into your existing realtors office you’ll be ready to start off with a bang and gain more referrals! Before we start pick up your report presentation kit in order to follow along with the series.

1) Ask yourself, “What am I doing here?”

Having a clear goal of what you want out of this meeting is key to selling to your realtor. Due to the fact you most likely do not actually see them in person, it is even more important to have an explicit reason to see them and to not waste this valuable selling opportunity. After you receive our kits, is a great reason to call your existing realtors contacts to setup a meeting. Tell them about your newly updated inspection package and that you would love to stop by, to show them a sample, for them to keep. You can tell them that you need as little as 5 minutes to point out the added benefits of this system and why you choose to change to this method. It is important to see them in person, so they can have a visual image of the new system and have someone they trust explain the process to them. Also, having a reason to meet one-on-one with realtors where you most likely gain 20% of your referrals, it is even more significant before going in to ask yourself “What am I doing here?” and “How can I gain more referrals?”. Following this process is the start for you to gain more referrals from your realtors and grow your business!

Check back soon for the next edition of our series “Selling to Realtors” where we will cover how to start the conversation and how to add closing sale lines that will hook any realtor to giving you more business. Also, don’t forget to pick up your report presentation kit in order to follow along with future editions of this series and to share this post!