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Learn What to Say the Right Way | Selling to Relators [Part 2]


If you missed our last post on Selling to Realtors click here to view Part 1, we talked about how real estate professionals are a great way to attract more referrals and gain extra business. In this segment we are going to discuss what to say and how to say it, to get the most out of this important meeting with your realtors.

Now that you have gotten some appointments from following what we discussed in Part 1, you need something to say when you get to the office in order to knock this meeting out of the park!

When it comes to selling to relators who are always pressed for time and packed with meetings throughout the day. Therefore it is important to get right to the point and have it last about 5 minutes. However, the longer you are there the better your relationship will be. Realtors have heard every sales pitch in the book and are exceptional salesman themselves. In order to differentiate yourself from other inspectors to get more referrals you must make the most of this 5 minute meeting.

What you need to say the right way is defining a unconsidered need of the realtor. Lead with a problem that your realtor is often faced with (they may not even have known this was a problem!) then respond with your solution to fix this problem. Your competitors have probably sold their high quality service or exceptional attention to detail as main selling points; however, in your pitch begin with the realtor as the main selling point and cater to your realtors needs. For instance, a problem that your realtor is often faced with is dealing with unprofessional home inspectors, who simply staple their home inspection reports or put the 15+ page report in a 10-cent folder.

Your solution to this problem is showing your newly upgraded presentation package to your realtor during your 5 minute meeting. Show s/he you now use a printed binder that includes easy-to-read tabs, a glossary of terms to help their clients better understand their new house, pre-closing walk-through checklist for them to use after the inspection, and a copy of The Homeowner's Handbook. Stress the reason for upgrading to this package is your belief that your service should reflect highly on the realtor. After showing the added benefits close with a “we want to be memorable” and that you believe this package will make a lasting impression on all clients that are referred to you by your realtor.

By differentiating your marketing material from your competitors not only answer your realtors need of providing professional home inspectors, yet creates a higher standard for your services that your provide when performing home inspections. This will help you gain more traction in the office and more referrals to keep providing professional service! In next week's edition of the series Selling to Realtors, we will discuss how to make your first connection in the real estate office a gateway to meeting more realtors, and gaining more referrals to become an office name as the go to inspector.

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