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3 Tools to Help You Become a Better Home Inspector [Quick Tips]


Being a home inspector is pretty sweet, yet it doesn’t come easy. Where most of us are solo acts when it comes to inspecting we have a lot to focus on, such as marketing, finding new clients, catering to current appointments, meeting sales goals, setting budgets, and having the main focus on growing our business. Along with the need to be constantly up to speed on current home inspector certifications, expectations from clients and realtors, and ultimately performing the best home inspection for your client.

In this post we will cover 3 tools that will not only add value to the service you provide, but take off the pressure of other tasks that most of us are faced with everyday, for you to focus on what is important which is growing your business.

1) Home Inspection Software

In this day and age every industry is utilizing the advancement in technology to help provide a more streamlined process and enhance the workflow for the company. Home inspection software is your one-stop-shop for creating outstanding home inspection reports and adding professionalism to your business.

Some of our favorites are HomeGauge, which is great for providing a modern reporting system and overall a versatile inspection software. Inspection Support Network, offer the most complete office and business management software for home inspectors, which includes online scheduling, data storage, and email reminders. Finally, Inspect IT is noted as one of the easiest reporting softwares on the market, which is a mobile optimized app with customizable templates and friendly user interface.

2) Drones

Technology is not limited to the business reporting side of home inspection, in recent years the popularity of using drones for inspection has spiked. The potential of implementing this technology into your home inspection business is limitless. Having a pair of eyes in the sky to inspect hard to see or reach places, such as roofs or chimneys, offers you to be safe on the ground and easily record footage for further review. Some of our favorite drones for inspecting are BLADE 180 Quadcopter, Parrot AR Drone Quadricopter, and DJI Phantom 3 Quadcopter. All of which offer live video recording which can be viewed on a tablet, long fly time in order to achieve in depth inspections, and allows you to stay safely on the ground.

3) Report Presentation Kit

Presenting your inspector report it in a professional manner is often viewed as a hassle where many inspectors choose to cut corners. Certified Inspector Store offers a Report Presentation Kit that introduces a professional persona to your client that shows you value service and quality products. The kit includes easy to read tabs (for you to insert your customized report), a glossary of terms to help clients better understand their new house, along with a pre-closing walkthrough checklist for them to use after the inspection. Impress your clients with a professional report binder that will highlight your services and attention to detail.

WIth all of the added tools stated above combining them into your business will not only add value to the service you provide, but take the pressure off other tasks that are getting in the way of what is important most, which is growing your business.